The Maldens Have Arrived!

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I don’t think my wife’s predilection for all things to do with Filofax makes me love her any the less, but the fanaticism with which she follows her passion has revealed a side to her personality that was, perhaps, well camouflaged by the day to day minutiae of our lives.

Margaret (or Mags) and I run a small stationery business which was born out of Mags’ passion for stationery.  I must admit that I am a johnny come lately to the paper filled world but I was converted when Mags presented me with a Richmond.  This is a personal sized Filofax that has now become the administrative centre of my life and I fully appreciate its ambivalence about a lack of reception or the impossibility of it running out of power at the most awkward time.

Recently Mags has inserted the word “Malden” into our regular business meetings.  I had heard her make references to this most revered member of the Filofax clan when she has told me tales of like-minded people putting them back on the shelf in the shop only under extreme duress (or not!!)

Today the man from Parcelforce came and delivered the box with the much vaunted Maldens. Soon they were out of the familiar black box and I was able to inspect the organiser that I had heard so much about.  It was a personal sized version in an ochre, vintage leather look.  The cover is soft leather, not rigid like my well-loved Richmond, with white stitching around the edges.  The inside front cover has a small purse and space for four credit card sized cards as well as a pouch for putting notes in.  The inside back cover has a vertical pouch to hold useful, but small and fiddly documents. 

It comes with a week on two pages diary so there is plenty of space for appointments and notes.  After this there are an alphabetical and a blank set of dividers, a ruler, a set of to do lists, five different sets of coloured paper, a set of address lists and finally a plastic card holder.  The soft leather makes the Filofax feel a slight indulgence wrapped around the hard facts of our lives.

There is plenty of space for more inserts and a long strap (longer than my Richmond anyway) should make this an easily adaptable and flexible Filofax.  To my mind the Malden would be ideal for all the projects that enter my life at a moment’s notice.

Mags suggested we should give this Malden a name.  I suggested Karl but I don’t think she got the joke.  Sometimes a singular passion can be held to the detriment of other pleasures!

Please visit the shop on our website to see the other Filofaxes that we have in stock. 

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